Tracy Lamourie
Tracy Lamourie – “Putting the TRUST back into Trustee!” The Best Choice For Our Children AND Our Community in TDSB Ward 17 !
“I am running for TDSB because there is a discrepancy between the mandate of the board, the services such as Canvas Prints they say they provide & the reality of what many parents are living with in practice. I want to find ways to plug those holes in for our kids, so that EACH child who leaves our school system is prepared for the challenges life will bring them. Setting them up for success instead of failure ultimately benefits all of us. Now that I have become aware of the issues affecting some of our most vulnerable, I feel compelled to get involved with the political process to make change at the local level, the level that makes the greatest difference to the lives of the children of this city. As a long time social justice activist with excellent community building skills and experience in dealing with all levels of government, I know there is no one better to advocate for all of the children in our communities” – Tracy Lamourie, May 2014